Founding Members

The Recreational Oxygen Association of North America (ROANA) was founded in 2013 by Oxygen Plus, Inc. (U.S.A.) and  2nd Wind Oxygen Bars (Canada). Contact ROANA to learn more about the Founders and their commitment to ROANA’s impact in the oxygen industry in North America – and beyond.


Oxygen Plus

Current Members

Any individual or company may become a member of the Recreational Oxygen Association of North America (ROANA). A ROANA membership is attained by completing the application form and providing the applicable membership fee. The process for membership begins here, and a full list of membership benefits can be provided upon request.





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ROANA Approved Organizations

Members of ROANA who are active, established organizations or companies in the recreational oxygen industry can apply to become a ROANA Approved Organization, which is valid for two (2) calendar years, by meeting the criteria defined and evaluated on an on-going basis.




  • What are the primary benefits of becoming a ROANA-Approved Organization?

An organization that meets the standards and best practices established by ROANA will earn their “ROANA-Approved Organization” status – which includes the privilege to use the “ROANA-Approved Organization” logo and/or the statement “Verified by ROANA,” which the organization can use in its marketing and business affairs. Conversely, an organization that is not a ROANA-Approved Organization is prohibited from using this mark, the statement “Verified by ROANA,” as well as any other mark or statement in its likeness.

An organization meeting ROANA’s criteria will also be featured on ROANA’s website ( as a “ROANA-Approved Organization.” These benefits grant public acknowledgment and endorsement that any organization bearing this mark or using this statement meets the basic requirements for what ROANA, the industry’s North American trade organization, has established as necessary for the welfare of the growing recreational oxygen industry in North America. Organizations shall retain their “ROANA-Approved Organization” status provided they continue to meet such standards and best practices.

  • What is the difference between being a ROANA Organization Member and being a ROANA-Approved Organization?

Any individual or organization may become a member of ROANA – the non-profit organization founded in 2013 for the recreational oxygen industry that exists to establish the growing value of recreational oxygen for active, health-and-wellness minded people in North America. A ROANA membership is attained by completing the application form and providing the applicable membership fee. Details for membership can be found on ROANA’s website, and a full list of membership benefits can be provided upon request.

Members of ROANA who are active, established companies in the recreational and/or hyperbaric oxygen industry have the option to apply to become a ROANA-Approved Organization. This endorsement is valid for two (2) calendar years, and is issued after an organization is approved by ROANA as having met ROANA criteria that is based on established regulations, standards and best practices for the industry. ROANA evaluates on a regular basis.

  • What does it take to become a ROANA-Approved Organization?

There is no additional cost to apply or become a ROANA-Approved Organization. If an established organization would like to apply, that organization’s executives need only provide ROANA with certain documentation and verification outlined below to help ensure said organization conforms to what ROANA defines as the recreational oxygen industry’s standards and best practices. To receive approval, an organization must verify it meets required criteria and standards.

At the beginning of the renewal year, an organization can elect to maintain its ROANA-Approved Organization status by agreeing to undergo a new evaluation. ROANA will review a ROANA-Approved Organization periodically throughout the year to ensure the standards and best practices of the organization are intact.

  • Why did ROANA create the distinction of a ROANA-Approved Organization?

ROANA created the distinction of a ROANA Approved Organization because, early on, companies in the growing consumer category of recreational oxygen were “cutting corners” and, knowingly or unknowingly, not following the laws, regulations, industry standards and best practices that pertained to recreational oxygen. ROANA witnessed companies exploiting the nascent industry, raising the likelihood its reputation would be tarnished. This outside force created the demand for ROANA to create the ROANA-Approved Organization seal of approval: Furthering the protection of public safety and recognizing companies who care about the longevity of the category and are adhering to industry standards and best practices. The leadership of ROANA also encourages non-compliant companies to evolve their business to the expected standards and become compliant.

The role of defining ROANA’s criteria for a ROANA-Approved Organization aligns with its six (6) distinct objectives as leaders in the emerging recreational oxygen industry:

  • Providing Consumer Education
  • Conducting Market Research and Analysis
  • Defining Standards and Best Practices
  • Uniting Industry Leaders
  • Consulting for Safe and Ethical Business Practices
  • Collaborating with Policy Makers and Regulatory Authorities

ROANA is proud of its effort to protect consumer safety and the reputation and sustainability of the industry by holding industry players accountable to standards and fair practices.

  • How did ROANA establish the criteria for a ROANA-Approved Organization?

ROANA compiled the criteria for a ROANA-Approved Organization based on various governmental regulations and the collective knowledge held by industry experts in the recreational oxygen, industrial oxygen, therapeutic oxygen and medical oxygen categories.

  • What efforts are made to ensure fairness in deciding who becomes a ROANA-Approved Organization?

ROANA is respectful of proprietary information of others. All information that is asked for or evaluated is publically available, or adheres to local regulation. ROANA serves as a safeguard for the industry, and collaborates with regulatory bodies and policy makers, to ensure its longevity and reputation. ROANA is not a government representative or authority.

ROANA is responsive to the questions and concerns of its members. Although some of the ROANA Board members are associated with recreational oxygen companies, ROANA’s Board of Directors hold each other accountable, and ROANA does not award the status of a ROANA-Approved Organization on any basis other than meeting the pre-determined ROANA criteria. All active, established companies within the recreational oxygen industry have an equal opportunity to join ROANA, learn about the standards and conform to receive ROANA’s status of a ROANA-Approved Organization.

  • What is the criteria for a ROANA-Approved Organization?

The evaluation criteria to attain a ROANA-Approved Organization status is determined and outlined (in a supplemental ROANA document) by industry category, as follows: